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Reverse Osmosis System​



The Osmio Zero water purifier gives you the support you need to thrive in the modern environment.

A smart and highly efficient reverse osmosis water treatment solution that not only provides high-quality drinking water, but does so at varying temperatures. Thanks to the 6-liter water kettle, the water filter is portable and does not require installation.
Osmio Zero is the world’s first and most efficient countertop reverse osmosis water purifier and kettle and extremely easy to maintain.

Available in black or white. And if additional capacity is needed, can be installed as an Osmio Fusion system.

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Also available in white. For office or family use (5+) see Osmio Fusion.

Pure taste

Pure water tastes pure, but a pure taste doesn’t always mean pure water. This is the shortcoming of many water purification systems.

Reverse osmosis is the most popular filtration technology, which provides pollutant-free drinking water. Reverse osmosis is able to remove harmful substances from your drinking water such as chlorine, disinfectant by-products, synthetic organic chemicals and other undesirable compounds, which also impact the taste, smell and quality of water.

Out with the bad stuff, in with the good

The only disadvantage of reverse osmosis is that the process makes the water too clean. With reverse osmosis, 99% of all substances are removed from the water, including the beneficial minerals. However, this is not actually harmful, since you absorb these minerals from your diet. But just in case, the Osmio Zero water purifier has a built-in re-mineralization filter that puts the beneficial micronutrients back into the water.

Pure, delicious water with no installation or plumbing!

Different temperatures at your fingertips

The Osmio Zero is not just a highly effective purification system but also a smart kettle that instantly dispenses clean water at various temperatures.

25 °C
Room-temperature water, ideal for drinking immediately

40–50 °C
Warm water, ideal for heating baby food

80–88 °C
Hot water, ideal for making coffee

90–98 °C
Almost boiling water, ideal for making tea

Easy user maintenance

Changing the filters is super easy. You can remove the old one and replace it with a new one with a simple twist.

The entire process only takes seconds!

Clean water is essential to your health and well-being!

Is filtered water harmful?

Filtered water is not harmful. But it depends on how it is filtered. It’s true that many nutrients necessary for your health are no longer present in the water filtered in the course of the reverse osmosis process. But they are also not present in ordinary tap water. The quantity of healthy nutrients that are removed is actually very small, while many more contaminants are removed. Your diet can easily compensate for the missing nutrients. Is it worth being exposed to hundreds of pollutants just to get a small dose of nutrients that can be easily obtained elsewhere?

Does it remove all the useful minerals from water?

Osmio Zero’s latest filter contains ceramic pellets of active calcium and magnesium. These return about 20-30 ppm of useful minerals back into the water. 

Does it eliminate all fluoride from the water?

No. There are no filters that can eliminate 100% of fluoride from water. The Osmio Zero is able to reduce the fluoride by 85% to 97%, if the levels in the water to be filtered are lower than 1.5 ppm (mg / l).

Is the water acidic?

Reverse osmosis does not directly affect the pH of water. Due to the purity of the water filtered by reverse osmosis, as soon as the purified water comes into contact with the air, the carbon dioxide in the water dissipates. The fact that the pH level drops slowly when the water is left in a glass for a few minutes can be measured with a digital pH meter. Re-mineralisation ionises water neutralising the carbonic acid, but the resulting pH depends entirely on the CO2 level of both the water and the air (depending on how long the water is left in the glass).

When drinking water, the hydrochloric acid (with a pH of 2.0) changes the acidity of the drinking water, regardless of the pH of the drinking water. In other words, whatever the pH level of the water you drink, its acidity changes as soon as it enters the body. Alkaline water cannot make your body alkaline. A simple example is that a lemon, for example, is very acidic, but actually promotes alkalinity in the body.

Our focus is on the purity of the water, not its pH level. We also recommend that you enrich the water with hydrogen by using an Osmio hydrogen water bottle, in order to increase the drinking water’s benefit for your health. 

Pure drinking water at your fingertips!

We offer the most optimal solutions for your biology, health, and performance. Our approach is based on a combination of modern science and ancestral wisdom.


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