Clean Water Is the Key to Health and Longevity​

Why should you drink filtered water, and how can tap water be harmful to your health?

You are what you eat. The same is true of what you drink. 

You consume water every day in various forms, and the quality and purity of this water significantly impacts your health. 

Pollutants are everywhere in the modern environment. In the air, there’s microplastic, carbon monoxide, mercury and lead. In our food supply, you can find all kinds of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. And water is polluted with all sorts of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other chemical compounds such as fluoride, among other things.

Suppose you ask the older generations, how many young people they knew with chronic diseases when growing up, they’ll probably say not many. But nowadays, if you don’t have a chronic illness, you’re the exception. 

Most toxins likely enter our bodies through water. A great deal of research has been devoted to studying the impact of water quality on health. It may come as a surprise that something as seemingly insignificant as water can cause so many health problems. 

The aim of this article is not to sell you overpriced water or sign you up to a pyramid scheme. Our goal is to raise the general awareness of the dangers of the modern environment and to provide information for informed decision-making. 

Water inside and around us

You probably take water for granted. It’s completely embedded in our lives, and for most, it seems somewhat absurd to think that it can somehow affect your health and overall well-being. 

But you are 60% water. 

Water plays a significant role in the proper functioning of your body – the physiological processes, cell functioning and metabolism, the removal of toxins, metabolic waste, and much more. 

Some of the most common health problems associated with low-quality drinking water include thyroid problems, headaches, sterility, and an increased risk of cancer. 

Dr Gerald Pollack, the renowned American water expert and researcher, has repeatedly pointed out that replacing poor-quality drinking water improves patients’ health. The most significant changes can be observed in their mental and physical abilities and in the reduction of headaches. 

Is filtered water good for you?

Yes, when it’s done correctly. 

Drinking water that has been treated with a regular charcoal filter, a pitcher filter, or drinking bottled water, will all slightly reduce the amount of heavy metals you consume. However, unlike reverse osmosis, these will not save you from other harmful chemicals such as fluoride compounds. 

The only disadvantage of reverse osmosis is that it removes 99% of particles from water, including beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. But, since you also absorb these minerals from your regular diet, removing them from the water will not actually have any harmful effects on your body. 

By preferring clean water over ordinary tap water, you’ll begin to feel the positive effects in just a few weeks. It is worth stressing that these results are individual and depend on the person’s health status, lifestyle and other related factors. 

Reverse osmosis provides you with toxin-free drinking water. It can clean your water from harmful substances such as chlorine, disinfectant by-products, synthetic organic chemicals and other compounds. And this is why it’s the most common filtration method in the world.

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