You are 60% water and clean water is essential for your biology and health.

And this is why our approach is a mix of modern science and ancestral wisdom.

We aim to make preventive healthcare more attractive, effective, and sustainable. We’re currently focused on health interventions that address the lifestyle causes of disease.

We are working hard on offering you only the best and highest quality products and supplements, that we ourselves have thoroughly researched and validated. 

Currently, we are focused on water and the biology of water. Clean water is extremely important for your health and your entire biology. The human body is 60% water and our goal is to provide you with optimal drinking water to give your body the support it desperately needs to thrive in the modern environment.

We are expanding our horizons.

The next step is supplements & food products.  

Each year 40 million people die as a result of lifestyle-related diseases. This counts for about 70% of all deaths globally. These diseases include obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and other NCDs.

Often these diseases are preventable and reversible with simple behavioural changes. However, traditional approaches have proven to not be sustainable.

Our initial focus is on fasting and intermittent fasting.

Fasting is the only intervention that has proven beneficial effects on metabolism, disease, and overall wellness in ways no other behavioural change does while promoting long-term adherence.

We have researched and developed the first complementary products for people practicing fasting.

1) ‘The Fast Breaker’ is a clean functional snack bar that is meant to be eaten as the first food after a fast. Leveraging the sensitive fasting metabolic state, it is specifically engineered to boost the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms.

2) ‘The Fasting Mineral Blend’ is a supportive supplement for ongoing fasts. It helps mitigate side-effects like hunger and water retention while enhancing the benefits.

For this research we received Innovation Voucher worth €3,960 from the European Regional Development Fund to help research and develop functional foods and supplements for peopel practicing intermittent fasting. With this funding and in co-operation with Tallinn University of Technology, we developed the first functional snack bars for people practicing (intermittent) fasting that enhance the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms. We are working hard to get these on the market as soon as possible!

Andri Peetso

We offer the most optimal solutions for your biology, health, and performance. Our approach is based on a combination of modern science and ancestral wisdom.


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